I delight in helping others become all they can be by following their passions and dreams.  We all have crucial turning points in our lives. My vision as a Life Transitions Coach is to leverage the potential lying within the turning points in your life to create powerful change to help you.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach who lives in Oak Park, Illinois.  I have a Masters Degree in Social Work, coach training from MentorCoach, L.L.C. and 30 years of experience working in clinical and educational settings.  For the past 9 years, my treatment approach has been based on Solution-Focused Therapy, a strength-based, collaborative model which uses questions to elicit a client’s own expertise, treatment goals and resources.  Life Coaching has been a natural professional progression for me as I continue to collaborate with clients by drawing out their strengths to create possibilities in their lives that they have previously only dreamed of. 

One of my passions has been working to reduce prejudice and stereotypes and to build relationships among different groups in our society.  In 1993 I co-founded Project Unity, a local grass-roots organization whose goal is to foster understanding and build relationships cross-culturally within the community.  I am also a trainer with the National Coalition Building Institute, co-leading workshops on “Welcoming Diversity.”

I am a member of the International Coach Federation and the National Association of Social Workers and follow their ethical guidelines. 

Karin M. Grimes, LCSW   
Phone: 708/383-5354   
Fax: 708/383-1164   

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