It's important that you have all the information necessary to choose whether you want coaching and/or who the best coach is for you.  To see if coaching is right for you and if there is a good fit between us, contact me to receive more information and a 30 minute complimentary session by telephone.

If you decide that you want to work with me as a coach:

  • The initial telephone session is an hour in length and identifies the goals and outcomes you want for your life.  Based on your needs, a plan is developed for the length and frequency of future sessions and the length of your program.  Since change takes time, a minimum length of three months is recommended to maximize the benefit that you receive from coaching. 
  • Subsequent telephone sessions focus on your agenda, goals and progress.  Between sessions you have access to ongoing email support with me.
  • Overall progress is reviewed together regularly to make sure you are achieving what you want.

I accept Credit Cards:

  • VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Click here to request a complimentary session.


Karin M. Grimes, LCSW   
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